Member updates

Happy New Year everyone!  We have an early start to rehearsals this year to be ready for our performance of St Matthew Passion on Sunday, 29 March.

St Matthew Passion rehearsals (to be taken by Peter Walls 12 January to 2 March) are now posted up to and including 9 March (revision under Douglas).  Peter has set up a schedule of the choruses and chorales he hopes to cover on each rehearsal, which you should be able to view as a pdf attachment opening through the website, although as I am updating for the first time I may not have got it right.  I have also emailed the schedule to everyone for whom I currently have an email address.  If you haven’t had an email from me about this, please contact me (

Choir 2 will be required to be ready to rehearse from 6.30 pm and conclude rehearsal at 9 pm, while choir 1 will be starting at 7 pm and concluding at 9.30 pm throughout this period.  Tenors, please refer to the email I sent you late last year about which choir you are in.  Anyone who is new to the choir this year and has not been allocated to choir 1 or choir 2, please attend at 6.30 on your first rehearsal if possible.  If you cannot manage a 6.30 start you will need to be in choir 1.

Looking forward to singing with you all …

Mary Hubble